"Had I not been empowered by ignorance of the "impossibility" of
my task, I would never have attempted it." -Guy Kawasaki


Aristo Setiawan has a diverse experience in information systems design, development, integration and deployment. He has involved as the key technologist for a handful of start-ups, many of them from their inceptions. He currently leads the Systems Development division for AdventGX, a provider of technology solutions for experiential tourism industry. One of the most distinguished projects that he has done is Vestivo, a Premier Reservation Management System for RV industry. He designed it from the first step and has been overseeing the development since. Some of the integrations that he has done for Vestivo are gate system solution, real-time credit card processing system, accounting systems, online reservation system and telephone billing system.

Aside of tourism industry, he leads the systems engineering for FoodHorizon, a company that specialized in providing performance support and food safety management systems for food industry. He has deployed FoodHorizon systems in many fast-growing food manufacturers and school kitchens throughout the United States.

Mr. Setiawan graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M University in 2002 with his degree in Computer Engineering and the completion of Engineering Scholars Program. While attending school, he gained invaluable experience by working for a variety of research groups and organizations including Marconi Communications, Knowledge Engineering Center at Texas Engineering Extension Service, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Sensor Machines Laboratory at Department of Computer Science, and The Logic Machine at Department of Philosophy.

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