"Had I not been empowered by ignorance of the "impossibility" of
my task, I would never have attempted it." -Guy Kawasaki


Selected Corporate Projects

AdventGX - a provider of technology solutions for the experiential tourism industry
  • State of Texas' Economic Development and Tourism: Ad Tracking System - Developed an advertisement tracking system to analyze marketing campaigns from online and printed sources for the State of Texas (Mar - Jun 2005)
  • Texas Education Vacation: one-stop resource for teachers, students, parents and anyone interested in exploring Texas' numerous educational sites - Developed an integrated tourism/travel Portal (Sep 2004 - present)
  • Texas Travel Industry Association: Rediscover Texas Campaign - Developed an integrated tourism/travel Portal, Surveying Module and Web Analytics Engine (March 2004)
  • Email Newsletter System - Developed a web-based multi-user email newsletter system
Reservation Management Solutions - Developed web-based reservation management solutions for hospitality industry, an integrated online reservation system, automated gate system, accounting reports, point of sale, online credit card processing, key performance indicators, electricity meter readings, phone billing, map-based inventory system, and integration with other systems. [ find out more ]

FoodHorizon - a provider of performance support solutions for food industry.
  • Sentry9000 - Developed and maintained FoodHorizon flagship product, an automated process monitoring and documentation system that provided a new level of control and efficiency to food manufacturers in their performance, quality and safety control efforts.
  • Statistical Process Control Graphing Module - Developed a data acquisition module designed to capture weight samples for food manufacturers and a web-based SPC Graphing module.
  • Wireless Sensors Monitoring - Developed a data acquisition module designed to autonomously acquired data from different type of sensors, such as temperature, pH and humidity at food plants. Developed real-time alerting, incidents system, and real-time reports.
  • Preventive Maintenance - Developed a web-based preventive maintenance scheduling, repair maintenance activity, accountability, reporting and a knowledge base to assist maintenance functions for food industry.
  • Lot Tracking/Inventory Control Module - Developed a lot tracking module that utilized automated data collection, external/internal barcode system, ingredients pick-list, perpetual inventory of ingredients & finished products.
  • Sentinel - Developed a kitchen food safety management for UK industry.
  • Designed various Pocket PC applications that communicate using Web Services in real-time.
  • Designed, integrated, and developed drivers for various manufacturing equipment and proprietary Bluetooth temperature transceiver.
  • Integrated Sentry9000 with various MRP and ERP systems, i.e.: Microsoft Great Plains and DacEasy
Westcar Consulting Group - Developed a Web Crawler system to extract HTML-based Technology Assets from Office of Technology Transfers around the world and format them into XML data.

Freelance Projects
  • Starsource-USA :: Web Design (Sep 2006)
  • Permias TAMU - Indonesian Student Association at Texas A&M University :: Designed a Web site as a resource for Indonesian students at Texas A&M and also helps Indonesians who would like to attend Texas A&M University (Jan 2007)
Academic Projects
  • Computer System Design: Developed an electronic nose with integrated odor-delivery system. Designed a LabVIEW User Interface that controlled various elements of the system and acquired sensors data. (Dec 2002)
  • Independent Study: Implemented an algorithm that performed selective removal of impulse noise based on homogeneity level information in .NET Framework. Programming was done in C# and GDI+. (May 2002)

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